First Scholarship Winner Chosen!

After reading through many great applications, Stephanie Baynes has been chosen as our first JLMF Scholarship Winner! Stephanie already does so much humanitarian work including working with children in Uganda through Operation One, who provides assistance to HIV/AIDs orphans and women living in poverty, taking Maryland locals for flights to introduce them to aviation, and being very involved in her local 99s chapter. Her ultimate goal is to learn skills she can give away both locally and internationally.

“….my goal has been to serve God on the mission field as a pilot. I want to be on the frontlines helping transport doctors, patients, food and supplies where the need is greatest.”

Please join us in following Stephanie’s journey to her ultimate goal. We are excited to see the generous donations go to use and look forward to continuing our goal of raising funds in 2022 in order to award another recipient with the opportunity to fulfill their own dreams. Thank you to the JLMF Board members, the donors and to all the applicants for a great first year.

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