2023 Scholarship Winner Chosen!

Congratulations to Cherry Kan, our newest recipient of the JLMF Scholarship!

Growing up as the child of refugee parents and later becoming an immigrant herself, Cherry has always been deeply committed to humanitarian causes. To her, airplanes symbolize more than just a means of transportation; they represent hope, long-awaited reunions, and fresh starts for humanity. Cherry’s aviation journey includes involvement in a humanitarian drone startup, where she assisted with the logistics of pilot projects in countries with limited ground infrastructure. One of her most gratifying volunteer roles involved mentoring newly arrived refugee families, guiding them to acquire the essential skills for navigating their new homeland. Presently, Cherry is in the final stages of obtaining her Instrument rating, with plans to swiftly pursue her Commercial Certificate and CFI/CFII ratings. Her short-term goal is to empower other refugees, immigrants, and aspiring pilots, helping them fulfill their flying dreams through flight instruction. Her ultimate goal is to fly for an international humanitarian organization or a flight operation oriented toward crisis response and remote community support.

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